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Lead developer for this comprehensive project: An all-in-one TikTok solution encompassing view, follow, like, and share functionalities. Entirely written in Python, it's paired with a sophisticated website interface. Moreover, it's designed to operate overnight and efficiently manage all anti-bot challenges.

NoelP X Injector

Efficiently integrate with active Python processes to execute queries that can modify functions or variables. This allows for sophisticated module injection techniques, potentially circumventing core functionalities such as authentication. Compatible with Python versions 2.8 and above.

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Name: Noël Populiers
Age: 17
Location: Tilburg, Netherlands
OS: Windows 11 & Ubuntu 20.04
My Skillset: Python, Laravel, AlpineJS, Tailwind CSS


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"Vouch for Noel, very easy client to work with and is an outstanding developer. Much love."

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